Best Way to Increase Web Visitor Interaction

Increasing visitor interaction has a wide range of benefits online. All other things being equal (which is never fully the case, but the guidelines still hold true) websites that have more visitor interaction rank higher.

The aspects of user interaction which directly support your SEO are:

The aspects of user interaction which indirectly support your SEO are:

  • Social media likes and shares

Search Bar

Add a search bar on the top right-hand section of your web page. A search bar allows web visitors to further look into your website and discover specific items of interest. Search bars are effective, especially when you have a blog on your website. Always place a search bar in a familiar location to further increase user engagement.

Locatable Menus Items

There are two issues here:

  1. For visitors to better interact with a website, they must easily locate the important pages. A well-designed menu is one of the ways you do this.
  2. User experience DOES affect your SEO. Not directly but by the ratings of the Human Raters Google hires to rate websites (a lot of people in SEO don’t even know Google hires human raters).

Quick Menu Tip: Avoid heavy animation on a menu item. A menu should have only a very simple animation effect. A black background with white text is about as extreme as you want to go to make your menu’s stand out.

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Button Effects

Button hover effects to guide a web visitor to execute a certain command is an easy method. If your WordPress theme doesn’t directly support this the MaxButtons plugin does.

Ensure that button size is fairly large so visitors on small screens can easily spot the button.

Quick Tip: When selecting the color of your button, it’s important to contrast strongly against the background.

Increase Web Performance

A website’s performance does influence how long a visitor stays on site. You bail on slow sites. Expect the same from your visitors. The internet has millions and millions of websites. Visitors are used to browsing more than 8 sites a day. With this said, it’s common for a web visitor to instantly judge a website as soon as they land on-page. Websites that load slowly have high bounce rates.

A website that loads fast at the very least gets looked at, and that is step 1.

What are 4 ways to increase web performance?

1) Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as CloudFlare.

2) Compress all CSS and Javascript files.

3) Use Cache Control.

4) Remove heavy widgets and heavy media that will slow down a website.

LOUD Headlines

To attract web visitors instantly, make a statement.

The H1 Tag (web page title) is the first and most important tag on a website. With this said, an effort should be placed to making a headline as eye-catching as possible.

You’ve heard you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Captivating web users from the first line ensures an increased chance of people visiting your page.

Quick Tip: Use power words within your title to increase visitor reaction.

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Related Content Inclusion

Blogging produces related content and highlighting it can boost visitor clicks to other blog posts. Web visitors search on google for something specific, then visit websites that are on topic.

Since you will over time create related topics, run a WordPress plugin on your site that displays them at the bottom of every blog post.

Quick Tip: These plugins are highly configurable so don’t just Activate and move on.

Readable Text

This is really about Responsive Design. The internet has become a billion user community and more and more of us are using smartphones and tablets.

The smaller screen sizes on these devices require an increased font size to make sure that text is viewable for web visitors browsing the web on small screens.

Quick Tip: Ensure you use a Responsive WordPress theme (or plugin) and you’re covered.

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Engaging Contact Form & Subscription Box

While everyone says they hate pop-up boxes that solicit email address for mailing lists, but they work. People fill them out.

Quick Tip: Outline your contact form and subscription box with a border to increase interaction.

Interactive Live Chat Integration

People often search the web to answer questions. Often when someone lands on a website, the answer is not immediately apparent, but there is an online chat. This allows the user to submit a very specific question to the company. This helps your company provide better answers, and provides subject matter for future blog posts.

It can occur when the chatbot pops up for a visitor when the manned support desk is “closed”. The visitor can submit a question that someone responds to the next business day. If you do this just be sure to be clear that you are currently closed and someone will respond soon.

About the Author

This article was written by Andy Williams of NTW Designs (and very slightly edited by Kevin Carney of Organic Growth). NTW Designs is web design company that provides custom web services to companies around the globe.

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