What are the importance of personalization to buyers journey?

How to recognize your customer intent with smart personalization

When a visitor can’t easily figure out what your business offers, they will move on. This clarity is needed at every step of their buyers journey.

As a visitor progresses through the buyer’s journey, their needs for answers and information changes. And while every buyer is different, the basic principal behind rationalization and marketing automation is everyone follows the same general path from “person who is interested to learn more” to “customer”.

They have different needs at each stage of their journey but leads tend to take the same basic steps in terms of learning more before buying.

But people still take different paths through your website to dropping into your sales funnel. They land on different blog posts before providing their contact information in exchange for your eBook (or whatever) and have visited a different number of webpages on your site before they become a proper lead.

This is where personalization comes in. A good marketing automation system that does a good job with personalization helps you understand each of your prospects better as individuals.

This helps you provide your customers with the most relevant content (to what they expressed an interest in) to help guide them along their buying journey.

Personalization with marketing automation

Marketing automation helps you recognize your customer’s behaviors, preferences, and interests. This data will help you  adapt the message, the timing, and the delivery channel for more customized engagements with your customers.

So why is personalization so important to businesses?

You’re able to deliver the most compelling

Using marketing automation, you will be able to create lists of engaged contacts sorted by what they look at on your site prior to becoming a lead. You then create slightly different flows per list in order to speak to them about what they already expressed an interest in.

Perfect timing

Based on previous actions from the user, you will be able to predict the best time to send a message for that lead. With marketing automation, the system will  send the message during prescribed best time for increased open rates.

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