Functional Spec: Link Building Community - current draft

Privacy settings

This needs more flushing out, but there needs to be some level of privacy settings, such that a user can determine what other users can see their data. Minimally, there need to be privacy settings for the different tiers of membership (members in level A can see whereas members in level B can not), but perhaps also people need the ability to name specific individuals. Or perhaps the ability to let “Everyone” see, except individuals on a named list.

Basic tier functions

Create/edit/delete a user profile (one per user)

Email address
What are you looking for (link swap transaction? long term partnership? co-marketing? buy links? sell links?)?

Create/edit/delete a website profile (one per website)

Link target 1 through link target N (variable amount)
Domain authority?

Search through website profiles based on niche and possibly other criteria

Visual inspect the URL

Message another user

Request a link exchange
Accept a link exchange (which creates a deadline)
Indicate a desire to buy a link
Respond to a desire to buy a link
The link giver verifies a link has been provided
The link receiver verifies a link has been provided

Rate another user

Rate on a 5 star scale
Leave a comment


There will be a point system of some type such that every time a link you give is verified, you get one or more points, and the users who have the most points (i.e.: give the most links) are the most visible to others within the portal.

Higher tier functions

Relative to: Search through website profiles based on niche and possibly other criteria

View social sharing states for the page URL and the website URL
Allow X number (TBD) social sharing queries per user per month.
Have an ability to evaluate the social sharing profile of the company on the other end of the link exchange

Link circles

This needs some fleshing out, but the idea is that if one person in a niche links to someone else, that is tracked and reported on. Others are encouraged to do the same. This will result in a “link circle” being created where the “missing links” are tracked and easy to see.

If this is an idea you think has merit, please let us know via the form below

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