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Your Call to Action Generates Leads to Fill Your Sales Funnel

More traffic equals more sales!

You’ve had this pitched to you more times than you can remember.

The problem is it’s not fully true.

Yes you need more traffic, but web traffic in and of itself will not generate leads.

Sales equals web traffic plus conversion.

With effective conversion, your website generates leads for your business.

So what is effective conversion?

Effective conversion is conversion that results in web visitors doing whatever action you have defined as being desirable or appropriate.

Perhaps it is to directly buy your product or service. Perhaps it is to contact you for further talk and discussion.

The first step is in knowing what that action is.

The next steps are generally agreed to by conversion experts, even though if you ask 10 different experts for advise you may get 20 different answers.

However, the steps they all seem to agree on are:

  1. Know what action you want your web visitors to take.
  2. Make it easy to take that action.
  3. Make it clear and obvious how to take that action.
  4. While that action is being taken, remove any and all distractions that might prevent it from being done.

And this is perhaps most important of all…. At any given time, have ONE call to action and only one.

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