Why You SHOULD Guest Post

With the bad press that guest posting has received lately, it’s refreshing to find a post that puts a very positive spin on what is (or at least should be) a very positive effort. Both for your brand, and for your SEO.

Why do Some People Think Guest Posting is Bad?

Because Matt Cutts said so.

However let me summarize the spirit of what he said, rather than what most of us interpret as his literal meaning.

Matt is the Manager of the Google Web Spam team. Their job is to present the best search results in response to your search query. Much of their work is to define what SEO techniques are SPAM and to adjust the algorithm to filter out sites using those techniques.ss

The focus of his message is not guest posting per se, but SPAM.s

Once upon a time (two years ago) guest posting was a honorable way to help spread your name and to acquire links from other websites back to yours.

Then a guest posting industry came into existence. These are companies (and a lot of them seem to be based in the UK) who in exchange for money will obtain back links to your website via guest postings.

If you have a site that has a reasonable level of traffic, it’s likely you’ve received a guest posting request (or 80) from some of these firms.

This is an example of what has made guest posting a bad practice.

How do You Know if a Certain Practice is SPAM?

Apply the “reasonable person” test. If a Google Web Spam guy was looking over your shoulder, would they cringe at what you’re doing?

Exchanging links with someone you do business with? Totally acceptable.

Signing a contract with one of the link building companies? Totally unacceptable.

There is Also a Human Side of Guest Posting

And that is what Jessica Ann wrote about.

Her post is titled How to Get Over Your Fear of Guest Posting, and is not focused on fear of Google penalties, but rather on the fear of your voice being relevant, of your perspective being interesting.

Please read her article by clicking the link in the prior paragraph.

In summary, if someone asks you to guest post on their site, they clearly think your voice is relevant and your perspective is interesting. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t ask.

In Jessica’s case the request came from Arianna Huffington. We should all be so lucky.

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