The discussion about should you link to other sites can now be closed. A company named Reboot SEO & Marketing conducted a structured study on the effect of external (or outbound links) on the ranking of the content containing the outbound links.

A link to their published results can be found in their article titled….. Research Proves Positive Effects Of Outgoing Links.


This post is a summary of how they performed their test for those of you who want a brief summary.

They created 2 meaningless terms as names for new beauty products. Both names were confirmed to produce zero search results. The terms are: Phylandocic and Ancludixis.

They purchased 10 meaningless domain names so the age of the domains would not influence the study results.

They published the same number of equivalent articles on each of the 10 websites, with the articles being structured the same in terms of frequency of keyword usage, placement of keyword within the articles, etc.

Each of the articles referenced 2 leading university websites and one website related to genomic research.

5 of the 10 sites contained links to the 3 referenced websites, the other 5 sites contained references to the 3 sites that were not linked.

The links originated from phrases containing the word phylandocic. The word ancludixis was never linked out. This was done to provide a control group phrase.

After 5 months the result was clear.

The sites with the external links significantly outranked the sites without the external links.



External links matter!

The absence of external links in your website content will cost you dearly.


Learn more….

SEO Needs Link Building


    4 replies to "Why You Need Outbound Links in EVERY Blog Post on Your Website"

    • Will foster

      This makes a lot of intuitive sense especially when you consider if you’re a Google you’re trying to determine the value of knowledge and ranking that page by that value… if you’re just the end and you go nowhere then really are just a vacuum cleaner of the Internet and you’re not a knowledge center… Vacuum cleaner on the Internet can make money for short time but …

      • Danial

        Google Algorithm are now a days easily catching the back-links.
        Well in my opinion, The Google Ranking is now only for those who write for human not bots.

    • David Law

      The SEO test methodology used by Reboot is seriously flawed, see for details.

      Reboot has shown the anchor text of links ON a webpage is a ranking factor, not linking out to high DA sites is a ranking factor.

      The Reboot test lacked low DA links as a control to compare with, so all their conclusions are wrong!

      What if the reason for the linked out test pages ranking higher was simply down to the test phrase being used as anchor text?

      Reboot should have had multiple controls to test if it was the anchor text, the high outgoing DA links or a combination…

      It’s a real shame because the SEO test had enough test domains to generate some results, had 3 of the test pages had links to low DA sites it would have at least had some controls.

      • Kevin Carney

        I’m really sorry to hear that. This is such a commonly held belief that it didn’t occur to me to question their methodology.

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