Long tail keyword phrases make it easier to rank for keyword phrases with lower search volumes.

Why “The Long Tail” is Good Both for Keywords and for a Business Strategy

What is “The Long Tail”?

The long tail has to do with finding a niche others are not servicing well and servicing it well.

In terms of keyword phrases I’ll use me as an example.

There are thousands of people selling SEO and Inbound Marketing services. Most of them take the tried and true approach of “follow the money”. Market your services (or goods) to people who can afford to pay.

I’m doing this differently. I’m working to sell Inbound Marketing to very small businesses and very early stage unfunded startups who simply can not afford the $2,000 to $3,000 a month quality agencies require.

I’m working to become Walmart in this space, where everyone else wants to be Neiman-Marcus, or at least Macy’s.

I know people who sell for large expensive digital advertising agencies, and they’re very used to sending proposals to people they know can not afford them.

I want to bring the power of Inbound Marketing to very small businesses. I want to help level the playing field.

My long tail are things like:

  • DIY Inbound Marketing on the Cheap
  • Affordable SEO via Sweat Equity

Let me Give You a Historical Example

Please think about the questions below:

  • Who was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean?
  • The second?
  • The third?
  • The first woman?

Almost everyone knows Charles Lindberg was the first person.

Almost nobody knows who the second or third person was.

Almost everybody knows the first woman was Ameila Earhart.

What is interesting about this is Ameila Earhart was the third person.

Having said that, what made her world famous was not being the third person, but rather being the first woman.

That’s her “niche”, her area of specialization, her “long tail”.

My next post describes what this means from an SEO perspective.

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