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Why “Starting with Why” is a Good for Your Business, as is the Day to Day Grind

Why “Starting with Why” is a Good Start

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I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute addresses the apparent conflict between the understanding of why you do what you do and the day to day doing of it, the repetitive tasks that are necessary to get it done.

The…. To address the why initially…. If you’re not familiar with a TED talk given by Simon Sinek entitled “Starting with Why” do yourself a favor and find it and watch it. It runs about 18 minutes.

He gives an excellent explanation as to why organizations that have a strong sense of why they do what they do, are able to establish and set a direction that everybody gets, employees as well as customers as well as the world at large.

And there’s no ambiguity in shall we say the missions that these organizations embark upon.

Everybody gets it because they have a very strong sense of why.

And that’s good. I really buy into that concept. It’s very important.

However, it seems a bit at odds with the day to day repetitive tasks that are sometimes necessary to get “there”, wherever there is.

And I’ll use Inbound Marketing as an example.

All of the understanding of why you do what you do is not going to get articles and videos published at regular intervals, which is important for the success of your Inbound Marketing.

So you’ve got to do the day to day repetitive tasks, whatever they may be for your appropriate business.

And for Inbound Marketing it’s unquestionably pub…. Unquestionably publishing.

And these tasks are more reminiscent of a pop culture reference… excuse the pop culture reference but, the movie The Karate Kid, where the kid was doing the “wax on wax off” repetitively all day, with no understanding of why he was doing it.

And yet a few scenes later he came to understand that through that repetitive task, he developed some really important skills.

While it seems at first glance that “Starting with Why” and the repetitive….ness of the tasks that are necessary to get you some place without understanding why, that they may be somehow in opposition to each other, but you need both.

Every successful business needs to understand where they’re going, which is set by the Why, and has actually get there, which is achieved through the day to day repetitive tasks.

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