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I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute talks about different forms of social media marketing and their relationship to organic search.

Of course if what you sell is consumer oriented Facebook probably makes more sense to you than LinkedIn, and if what you sell is something businesses buy LinkedIn probably makes more sense than Facebook, but I’m focusing on the intersection of social media and search.

Some social media platform updates are indexed by Google and some aren’t.

The ones which I know are, are Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn long posts.

The reason this is important…. You make an update to your social media followers yet every social media algorithm throttles the rate at which people see your updates in order to prevent everybody from seeing everybody’s updates which would be overwhelming.

So your updates are actually seen by a small fraction of your followers, and that’s why people who are really savvy about social media retweet the same stuff.

Like they’ll send out a tweet today, and they’ll do it again in four days, and four days later, and four days later.

The objective of that is to expose it to more eyeballs.

Another important way of doing this, a very effective way of doing this, is to focus on social media platforms where the updates are indexed by Google.

That way, even if your followers don’t see it when you make the update, if they later search on Google, and they’re search matches your update, it shows very prominently in their search results.

And that’s the reason why focusing on social media platforms where the updates are indexed by Google is advantageous to being found online.

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