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Why should you blog on your website, rather than anywhere else?

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I’m Kevin Carney, principal instructor of Inbound Marketing University, bringing you today’s Inbound Marketing Minute.

Today’s question is…. Why should you blog on your website, under your domain name, rather than any place else.
I’ll use Facebook as an example to illustrate this point.

It’s been common knowledge that you create a business page on Facebook, and then attract people to like that business page, and then when you update… make an update to that business page, your fans…. people who have liked the page see it.

On April 21st Facebook announced an update to their algorithm which will emphasize news and updates from your direct Facebook friends, and will de-emphasize updates from business pages that you’ve liked.

So basically Facebook created a set of rules, which you followed, potentially to your advantage, and then they changed the rules.

And all of a sudden what worked well in the past is of minimal benefit in the future.

Let’s say that what you sell is a business to business product or service.

So you decide LinkedIn is the platform for you.

You start blogging on LinkedIn.

If LinkedIn in the future decides to make a similar change such that the visibility of your posts is restricted, in any way shape or form whatsoever, then again you’ve put in a significant amount of effort to grow a following, which is relatively quickly undone.

Now I’m not saying LinkedIn will ever do this, but they own the website and they can change the rules at any time.

You’re better off developing a following on your website, under your domain name, because you own the website and nobody can change the rules.

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