You and your business need to take Local SEO marketing very seriously, and now is as good a time as any to start.

The reasons are:

1) Leads from local SEO marketing (which is a specialized form of Inbound Marketing) are MUCH cheaper than leads from outbound sources. According to a white paper recently published by a large Inbound Marketing tool vendor, inbound leads are 61% cheaper.

2) Leads from local SEO marketing are of much higher quality, and typically close twice as often as leads from other sources.

3) Local SEO marketing is highly measurable and provides actionable feedback.

4) It keeps on building upon itself. Other forms of marketing stop generating leads when you stop paying. This is true of newspaper ads, Pay Per Click campaigns, etc. Your local SEO marketing efforts on the other hand increase the visibility of your website. If you have to take a break for whatever reason, your lead flow does not immediately drop to zero (although it will eventually drop).

5) Outbound tactics are becoming less effective. As we are all bombarded with more and more advertising impressions (about 4,000 per day) we are learning to tune them out, because when you need something you can simply go on the Internet and search for it.

SEO Needs Link Building

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