Before it was Google, it was Backrub

Back before Google, search engine results were OK, but not great. Google became the dominate search engine shortly after coming into existence. This happened because Google provided better search results.

The difference that made the difference is their patented algorithm named PageRank, which is sort of a scoring system for Internet hyperlinks.

Every link on the Internet is given a score, which in turn results in every page having a level of authority.

For example, if a page has an authority of 100 and has four outbound links, each of those links will provide an authority of 25.

If a page on your sight has a lot of incoming links, the authority of your page increases per the authority of your incoming links.

This is why the name BackRub made sense.

And this is why the popularity contest aspect of how Google ranks sites is important.

Are All Links Good?

The answer is no.

Google has a concept of Web Spam, which are ranking “tricks” and “techniques”. There are web spam techniques in every aspect of SEO, but especially links, links being so central to the success of Google’s algorithm.

What’s bad are links that are “unnatural”.

Which begs the next question, what are “natural” links?


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