Audience Engagement, from Kevin Spacey

Maybe you’ve heard. Kevin Spacey gave the keynote address at Content Marketing World in Cleveland Ohio earlier this week.

Seems like an odd choice? At first I thought so too, but after a few seconds I came to realize why he was actually an excellent choice.

What do Content Marketing and Acting have in common?

The focus of both is to attract and engage an audience.

Kevin Spacey is particularly talented performer who has learned skills to help attract and engage an audience that perhaps those of us in the marketing world can learn from.

We love stories

Bad guys, good buys, conflict, happy endings, and all the rest. It seems as if we are biologically wired to have an emotional response to a good story. Stories are perhaps the best way we learn and the best way we teach each other.

Even articles in newspapers are referred to as “stories” even though some of them are pretty boring.

Storytelling is now a marketing skill and being able to spin a good story is a helpful skill.

Stories contain characters

Characters we have feelings about, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We feel their pain, we rejoice in their successes, and for the bad guys in their failures.

But most of all….

When an A list actor gives the keynote address at a mid-sized industry trade show, we know that Content Marketing is now mainstream. The Hollywood Elite are becoming aware of it, and even if they’re not talking about it, just their proximity to it validates the concept.

If you’re not yet embracing the idea (by which I mean doing it), you’re now late to the party.

Ready to get started?

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