Inbound Marketing Minute: Why is Google Plus different from every other social media platform?

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I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University with today’s Inbound Marketing Minute which addresses the question of why is Google Plus different from every other social media platform out there?

The answer is it’s owned by Google and Google displays Google Plus updates in search results through a mechanism which is generically called personalized results or personalized search.

It’s implemented within Google Plus through a concept of circles, and circles are very similar to groups.

So you take your Google contacts, your Google Plus contacts, and you organize them into these circles, and then you have these people in circles.

So if these people update Google Plus with an update, their update will show up in your search results if your search results matches what they’re talking about.

So where this becomes advantageous to you is when people have you in their circles.

And this is the primary reason why Google Plus is drastically different.

It’s not just different, but more often than not a Google Plus update that refers to a page on a website someplace else will often rank higher for you if that person is in your circles than the webpage that it refers to.

So if you’re not taking Google Plus seriously in terms of your online and Inbound Marketing, you need to take a closer look at it.

They’ll be more on Google Plus in subsequent videos.

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