If your social media marketing is not generating leads for your business, it’s probably because you’re either doing it wrong or you have unrealistic expectations of what social media marketing will do for you.

Dan Zarella, a Social Media Scientist at HubSpot, is quoted as saying:

The next time you hear a social media myth, question it. Ask for the proof, and ask out loud.

I have personally asked several self identified social media experts to quantify how many business leads their efforts generate, and have received answers that fall into one of the following categories:

  • It’s not about leads, it’s about branding.
  • It’s very subjective.
  • We don’t know.
  • We would like to know that too.

That last answer was only given once, but it the most honest answer I’ve ever received.

I personally agree with the other answers, but it’s not what is typically sold when people sell Social Media Marketing.

While Inbound Marketing (done right) delivers leads (and Small businesses need leads) social media marketing has a supporting role.

Social media marketing (a steady stream of social media updates and growing lists of followers) is a form of lead nurturing, helping to keep you and your business visible to an audience of people who may need your services.

It is more branding and less lead generation.

The path from social media networking updates to branding to leads may seem like a bit of a slow slog, and generally it is.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc have a place in your overall lead generation strategy, but you should use them for what they do best, which is to display references to your content, and provide links back to content on your website.

When you need help attracting more traffic, more leads, and more business…

SEO Needs Link Building


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