Another Google Algorithm Update

The trade press is a buzz with news of the latest major algorithm update by Google, Penguin 3.0 (I do know the image is a Panda, I just happen to like that image).

This Penguin update affects the SERP’s returned for fewer than 1% of English language queries. Less than 1%.

Since what Google is doing with each subsequent algorithm update is eliminating tricks as a means of obtaining a high search ranking, why is it we all get so tense about these updates. Why not simply do what Google wants, which is to generate a steady steam of high quality content that is interesting and useful to the audience we wish to attract to our websites?

Because When Tricks Worked, They Were Easy

And perhaps we miss those days. Maybe they were too easy. Maybe they made us lazy.

Let’s Simply Grieve the Loss and Move On

SEO Tricks are less and less effective as Google rolls out new updates, and will continue to be less and less effective in the future.

That being the case, the prudent course of action is to simply grieve the loss and move on.

Here is What You Need to do….

Publish articles and stories to your website, that you believe will be interesting and useful to your desired audience.

Publish them in fairly short easy to digest formats (think People Magazine compared to The Economist).

Properly format them for good SEO.

Implement good CTAs per your conversion strategy.

Publish them often (multiple times a day).

Keep on publishing.

Check your Analytics at regular intervals (monthly, maybe weekly, never daily) to see what’s popular, where people are coming from, and how well your conversion strategies are working.

And most importantly, accept the reality that while this requires work, when you do the work properly, it will later pay you back much more than you ever put in.

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