Get me to the Top of Page 1 on Google!

If you think this is what SEO and Inbound Marketing is about, you’re thinking about the way things used to be. As recently as 4 years ago.

However that is not how it works these days.

Yet I still see articles focusing on page ranking, at the expense of saying anything truly relevant about SEO or Inbound Marketing. These articles are worse than useless as they tell you wrong.

I frequently still see terrible articles on this topic and ads that guarantee you a page one placement on Google.

A website on which you’ve been regularly publishing quality content multiple times a day for the past several months will rank for hundreds if not a few thousand different keyword phrases. Some will be on page 1, some will be on page 8,000.

Your goals should be:

  • Relevant visitors from organic search.
  • Website conversions to turn some of those website visitors into prospects.

Attract Your Audience

Now here is a both a lofty and a reasonable goal.

Lofty because it’s the right focus. It’s what you want. Reasonable because anyone (you for example) can do it.

The way you attract your audience is by publishing content (articles and stories) to your website that provide relevant and useful information to the people you wish to attract, doing so at regular intervals (more than once a day), and ensuring the posts are formatted properly for SEO.

Think like a publisher, not like a marketing person.

How does Good Housekeeping magazine keep publishing?

The same way you need to.

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