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Why Content Marketing will NEVER be an Obsolete way to Grow Your Audience and Generate Leads

Content Marketing will NEVER be Obsolete

The reason Content Marketing is NEVER be obsolete as a form of gather your audience and generating leads is because the essence of content marketing is storytelling.

And we love good story telling. We may even be biologically wired for story telling to be not as an effective way of learning, but the most effective way of learning.

We’ve been telling each other stories since prehistoric times and the extreme popularity of books, movies, and TV series of various genres illustrates how strongly we love a good story.

Additionally, content marketing allows for a wide variety of formats in which to tell those stories.

  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • etc, etc

Inbound is the Best Form of Content Marketing

The main difference between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing is with Inbound you publish almost everything on your website, and you do so in a way that is search engine friendly (or attractive to search engines) which is mostly a matter of formatting (titles, links, other stuff).

Do you want your crowd to gather on your website?

Then write and publish good articles and stores that are both properly formatted for SEO and are good in their own right. That provide useful and interesting information that your desired audience wants to hear.

Become a better marketer by being a better publisher, and publish good stuff at frequent and regular intervals.

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