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Why Cheap SEO Does Not Attract Organic Traffic, Grow Your Audience, or Generate Leads

Half Price SEO is Risky at Best, Foolish at Worst

I needed dish soap the other day. I drove by a dollar store. I stopped and bought a bottle of dish soap for $1. I felt good about it. It’s the same soap as at the supermarket, but about half the price.

This can occur because dish soap is a commodity. While there might be slight and subtle difference between brand X and brand Y, none is better than any other, unless you think the scent of orange, or lavender, or whatever, is in fact “better”.

This does not happen with SEO. SEO is not a commodity. Half price SEO is not just as good.

To a very large extent, how your SEO is done depends on who does it. Sometimes this means an individual. Sometimes this means a company. And sometimes this means a price range.

Why is Discount SEO Risky?

Once upon a time (maybe three years ago) you could obtain a high search engine ranking with technical tricks. Those were the heydays of SEO consultants. You could see lasting (for months at least) results in as little as 2 to 3 months from inexpensive small business SEO packages.

This is no longer the case.

Partly because of a Google algorithm update named Hummingbird, which shifts focus from keyword phrases to concepts. Partly because the Internet is getting increasingly crowded. Partly because of all those other Google algorithm updates which do a better job of filter out websites of lower quality, by which they mean websites that are not very useful.

Today, SEO is an integral part of a larger process called Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing (which to be successful must include proper SEO) is all about publishing, and publishing a lot.

Modern marketing looks like journalism. You decide what topics your desired audience will find interesting, relevant, and most importantly USEFUL, and you publish them. You do so multiple times EVERY DAY.

The consistency of publishing is one of the key success factors in attracting your audience to your website.

No one can provide that level of service for $500 a month. No one.

If you want to spend that little, you have to learn to do it yourself, which you can.

Want to Learn How?

SEO Needs Link Building


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