Rules Provide a Framework to Work Within

But when it comes to Inbound or Content Marketing there are good rules and bad rules. There are rules that help and rules that hinder.

Content Marketing Rules that Help

Understand your audience and what they need

I would hope this goes without saying, but I know it doesn’t. Everyone who buys from you has a buying decision process whether they understand that or not. This is a process or procedure they go through in the course of buying from you.

While this varies between types of businesses and types of people, you can find patterns for your business.

It’s important you create content for people at different stages of their decision process.

Some of your content must address common problems and issues your customers and prospects face. Other content must address ways of solving those issues and problem. Still other cntent must address how your solution has helped other customers.

The idea is that you publish content for prospects in every stage of their buying decision.

Then later when you implement a marketing automation system, you will walk people through their buying decision process, using the various pieces of contact publishing to your website.

Be committed to your Inbound Marketing Strategy

It never “just” happens. It requires time, focus, energy, and some amount of money. Like every other form of marketing, it takes time to really get it working.

However unlike most forms of marketing, when it does kick in it kicks in big.

Content and Inbound Marketing are very effective forms of growth hacking, when you stay with it long enough.

Set high standards for the quality of your posts

You’re not going for perfection, but don’t publish crap for the sake of publishing something.

I’m not saying “don’t publish” if all you’ve got is crap, I’m saying publish, just set a high bar for quality. You may not hit it at first, but when you aim high, you achieve more.

Share your best stuff via email and social media

Until other websites link to your website to raise it’s search ranking, you need to tell people your’e here and you have something to say.

Email and social media is how you do this.

Once you’ve built up enough links back to your site that organic traffic will swamp what arrives via social media, you can in theory stop this, but by that time it’s become systematized and it will continue to bring in eyeballs, so there will be no reason to ever quit.

Per consistent and persistent

This is what’s most important.

Publish EVERY DAY!!!

Content Marketing Rules that Hinder

The content schedule is sacred

Scheduling is important, but life also happens. If you publish twice a day, but something happens and you miss one post, or five, it’s not the end of the world.

Get back on track as soon as you can and build up a buffer in your scheduled posts so any such emergencies don’t disrupt your publishing schedule in the future.

Avoid Repetition

What I’m saying is the rule to avoid repetition is often implemented in a way that is too rigid. Some repetition is good for your SEO, too much is not.

Think of it as “variations on a theme”.

If you sell camera accessories and you’re publishing content about low light photography, if you can think of 10 variations on that theme, you’ve got 10 blog posts. They’ll all be about low light photography, but they’ll be about different aspects.

Summary and Conclusion

Be consistent, persistent, but not too rigid. Allow for flexibility and creativity within the confines of the rules you implement and follow.

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