Per Seth Godin, a best selling author about marketing…

If you want until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late.

Your competitors are considering local SEO marketing (another name for Inbound Marketing, which is actually Blogging for Business). They may have started already.

Since Inbound Marketing is the absolutely cheapest and easiest form of lead generation, you need to do it, but if you want too long, others will dominate your niche before you have a chance to.

The absolutely best time to start Inbound Marketing is 5 years ago. provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

The second best time is TODAY!

Local SEO marketing is about your website being authoritative for the topics on which you publish stories.

The four main success principals (also known as search signals) are:

  • Quantity of articles on your website
  • Quality of articles on your website (both from a human and an SEO perspective)
  • Consistency with which you publish new articles
  • Longevity: Length of time you’ve been publishing articles

You wrap the above with your sales funnel and your website conversion strategies and you have SEO marketing.

How do you beat your competitors?

  • Publish more stuff than they do
  • Publish better stuff than they do
  • Publish more often than they do
  • Keep publishing for longer than they do

As you can see, because those are they four main success principals to attracting your audience to your website, the sooner you start and find your rhythm, the better.

If you didn’t start 5 years ago, then starting today will have to do.

Contact us. We’ll help.

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