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When Should I Worry About Being Too Repetitive with my Blog Topics?

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I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute is on the topic of… When do you need to worry about being too repetitive on your blog?

People have expressed to me that sometimes they have a lot to say about a certain topic and they want to post over and over and over again, variations on the same theme, but they don’t want to bore their readers with too much of one thing at one time.

What they’re not realizing, and there is one exception to what I’m about to say which I’ll get to at the end, but what they’re not realizing is that while we read books and magazines sequentially, we don’t read websites sequentially.

We search for something, that brings us to a specific page on the website, and we read that page.

If you had 20 different posts on your blog that all spoke to different variations of the same idea, it’s quite likely that one person will not even know that all 20 of them exist.

They will come to which ever page most closely matches their search query.

So for people who arrive via organic search, and these are the people whom you want the most, there really is no such thing as being too repetitive, because of the fact that blogs are not read sequentially.

Now the one exception is people who do subscribe to your blog via your RSS feeds.

Some of these people may read your blog sequentially.

So there is such as thing as, for the benefit of these people, there is such a thing as possibly being too repetitive.

So if you do have 20 posts worth of content on a particular topic, 20 different variations on a theme, it may make sense to prepare them all in advance, and then release one every few days.

So in summary, for people who show up through organic search, which are the people you want the most, there is no such thing as being too repetitive.

For your RSS feed readers, if you have any, some blogs don’t have any, some blogs have a lot, so you have to know how that applies to your situation.

But for RSS feed readers, there is such a thing as being too sequential, so you just want to space them out and release one every few days.

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