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When Local SEO Marketing Lead Generation Experts Disagree

Most small business owners have a sense that local SEO marketing is important and can help generate leads for their business.

However, when you talk to different experts you get different answers.

Why is this?

Primarily it’s because there is not common agreement on what local SEO marketing means, on what local SEO marketing is.

Zippe.biz provides Local SEO Marketing training, consulting, and implementation.

First, it’s important to understand that local SEO marketing is a subset (or specialization) of what is called Inbound Marketing, so to understand local SEO marketing we must first understand Inbound Marketing.

The key word is “inbound”. This means your prospects find you, rather than you finding them.

To understand how Inbound and Outbound differ, let me define outbound.

Outbound Marketing is when an advertiser sends their ad into a very large population of people, with the knowledge that most of the people who see the ad have no interest in buying the product or service. Some have no interest at this time. Some have no interest ever.

This in fact is why outbound advertising messages are so prevalent. Advertisers are seeking what is called Top of Mind Awareness, so that if and when you do want a soft drink, laundry detergent, an oil change (or whatever) you think of them first.

So why is there disagreement amongst local SEO marketing experts? Click the link in the prior sentence to read more.

When your business needs more leads, you should talk to us. We can help.

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