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I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University and Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute is on the topic of link building.

There’s a lot of information floating around the blogosphere about link building strategy and tactics.

But if you shift through all that volume of information, clearly what works best is if you can get a few people who manage very high profile high value websites to link to you, that you’ll get the greatest benefit from that.

Now having lots and lots of low value websites link to you is not a bad thing, but the SEO boost you’re going to get from a couple of high value websites… it’ll dwarf that other activity.

So how do you go about doing this?

What works the best is if they simply from an article of theirs link to some content of yours or alternative if they will accept from you that you publish on their site that links back to yours.

So these are referred to as content promotion and guest blogging, and contrary to that little stir that Matt Cutts stirred up a couple years ago, guest blogging per se is not dead.

Spammy guest blogging is dead, and there’s a difference.

So while there are tools that can help you identify potential targets for either content promotion or guest blogging opportunities, the hard work is not in finding and using the tools. The hard work is in the establishing of relationships with these influential people.

This is sales, just like any other any kind of sales. You’re trying to close a deal.

Although the deal this time doesn’t involve the transfer of money, it involves the transfer of link or SEO PageRank authority.

So the key point to keep in mind here is as in any kind of sales situation or sales transaction most sales people give up after the 2nd or 3rd contact, and most contacts respond after the 7th or 8th.

So as with the blogging activity on your website, when it comes to link building, what matters most is maintaining your focus, being diligent to your outreach program, and being consistent.

If you do want to know some of the tools that I use and I focus on free or very inexpensive tools, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to share with you.

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