SPAM Backlinks vs Good Backlinks

Prior posts discuss how backlinks are critical to your Inbound Marketing success but that they are ways of obtaining backlinks that are good while other ways are bad.

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This post continues the discussion of acceptable vs unacceptable techniques.

Concrete Examples (con’t)

You Exchange Links With Someone You Meet Online

More and more, real human relationships start online. In some cases they carry on for years online. People work together very effectively and never meet face to face. There are a number of people in my life for whom this is true. A property manager in Texas I’ve worked with for 20 years. Writers in Philadelphia, The Philippines, Kenya, and Uganda. These are real relationships that occur through the magic of computers and telecommunications.

If you meet someone online and you exchange links with them, is this web spam? No. This is no more unreasonable (remember the reasonable person test) than doing so with someone you meet face to face.

You Join a Community of People Who (Amongst Other Things) Exchange Links

This is conceptually similar to joining a networking group such as BNI. But rather than meet face to face every week to exchange referrals, you meet in a forum of some type and exchange ideas and links.

Is this web spam? No. This is as natural and reasonable as attending the BNI meeting, it simply extends your geographic reach and provides greater scheduling flexibility.

You and People You Know Guest Post for Each Other

Maybe this is an extension of your in person networking group, or maybe this is an extension of your online community. In either case these are in fact people you know, either face to face or through the Internet and people with whom you have an established relationship.

Is this web spam? No. This is also something a reasonable person does.

Having said that I do have a further comment. A reasonable person might generate 1 or 2 guest posts a week. If someone has found a way to generate 15 guest posts a week, it’s not reasonable.



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