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Isla McKetta of Moz asked “When Is a Blog the Right Form of Content Marketing?“.

While the answer is not “always”, the answer is “almost always”.

What I’m going to say next is something I say a lot, so it if seems repetitive, I apologize in advance.

What we call Inbound Marketing, and sometimes call Content Marketing (they’re similar but not identical) has as it’s core activity the writing, editing, scheduling, and publishing of articles and stories your desired audience will find to be interesting and useful.

Another name for that is blogging. Perhaps Blogging for Business is a good phrase, as some people do blog as a hobby and have no commercial intention.

Blogging for Business is a very structured, systematic, methodological way of publishing articles that are relevant to people, and formatted for SEO.

If your business provides goods or services which people search for online, Inbound Marketing (blogging) can work for you.

Why it Works

When a person has more to do than they can possibly get done, some things simply don’t get done. If it’s neither urgent nor important, we brush it aside.

Advertisements are interruptions that are mostly neither urgent nor important.

We are all becoming very practiced at ignoring them, which advertisers can attest to, as the effectiveness of interrupt ads is decreasing.

However, when someone finds and shows up on your site as a result of an Internet search, you’re not interrupting them. You also know they have an interest in what your website is about (which must relate to your products and services) because if they did not they would never have found your site in the first place.

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