Technical SEO audits are incomplete in what they report about how easy it is for your website to be found via organic search

What SEO Technical Audits Fail to Report About the Find-ability of Your Website

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I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute talks about SEO technical audits.

There’s almost no end of websites where you can enter the home page of your website and have it perform a technical audit.

The technical aspects of SEO are of importance to your website ranking but having a website whose home page passes one of those audits with flying colors is not enough.

No individual web page stands alone. They’re on a website that has various characteristics and attributes of the entire site which are important to the ranking of the web pages on that site.

And there are aspects of what it takes to rank that these SEO audit tools do not report on.

It’s a sufficiently broad topic that I’m not able to cover it in one short video, so you’ll see soon something pop up or pop out on the screen, in the area I’m pointing to.

Click it and that goes to a blog post that provides more detail about what you need to know about in order for your website to rank.

To learn more, follow that link on the blog post.

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