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I’m this is Kevin with Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute talks about what are being called tiered links.

And tiered links is when you create a link structure, and it’s easy to do within your website, with internal links, where you have a hierarchy of your posts.

So you have a fair number of posts that are kind of short, sweet, and to the point. Address one question, make one point per post, they’re relatively short.

And those link up to a smaller quantity of what I call pillar posts. Some people call them anchor posts.

But posts that are longer, more detailed, more thoughtful, and then those in turn link up to your desired landing page. Which could be your home page, it could be a page to download an eBook.

So you create this hierarchy, in tiers, and that’s why it’s called tiered links.

And what it does is by virtue of linking to… by having the shorter posts link to the longer posts link to the landing pages you provide greater authority to the landing pages… to the longer posts and to the landing pages over time by… shall we say layering on or piling on all of these internal links.

And it’s a very effective strategy for making certain content on your website, the posts that you’re most proud of, have more authority and rank higher.

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