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I’m Kevin of Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute is about the relationship between blogging and social media.

The first point is that there is one and it’s fairly strong.

Blogging is where you publish original content to your website.

From an SEO perspective that content needs to be known.

It’s necessary for other websites to link to it, and it’s highly beneficial for people to comment upon it.

And social media is an effective means of promoting your content to other people.

And that’s the relationship. You publish to your website and you promote what you publish to your website through various social media tools.

Now the key to successful promotion through social media is to have lots of people on social media who follow you.

And the way you do that is by participating in social media.

Now there is an interesting…. I don’t know if shortcut is the right word…but somebody introduced me to a software tool that does help automate the process of attracting followers and I specifically use it for LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter.

And I set it up, and it… basically what it does is it rather unobtrusively follows people.

So on LinkedIn it opens their profiles and takes a look. In twitter it follows them.  In Google+ it adds them to a circle.

And some percentage of the people whom you… contact is really not the right word… but whom you inquire about in that way will send you a LinkedIn invitation, follow you on twitter, or add you to a Google+ circle.

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