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I’m Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University, and today’s Inbound Marketing Minute is to clear up a gross and common misconception about Google+.

Even social media consultants sometimes do not get the significance of Google+.

What makes Google+ important really has three components.

So component number one is common to call social media sites, and that’s your social media updates are seen by very few of your social media followers.

And that’s true of Facebook, it’s true of Twitter, it’s true of Google+, it’s true of all of them.

And the reason is if everybody saw everything that the people they follow posted everybody would have too much stuff to look at and it would be unmanageable.

So every social media platform has an algorithm for throttling and showing you very little of what the people you follow post.

That’s true of every social media platform.

The next two pieces are Google+ specific.

Google+ is organized around a concept of circles. Circles are similar to groups.

You organize your Google+ contacts into circles, and you are in other peoples Google+ circles.

And the third piece is… I was going to say magic, but it’s that’s not the right word, but that which makes Google+ so important.

You make an update on Google+ and again, as with every social media platform, very few of your Google+ followers see it when it’s live.

However the update exists, it’s on the Internet, and it’s been indexed by Google.

Later, when someone who has you in a Google+ circle does a search and that search matches your update, your update ranks very high in your search results.

Typically in position number 3 or 4.

So even though they did not see the social media update, the Google+ update at the time you did it, when they search for something that matches your update your update is shown to them at that point.

So they see it when it’s most important to them, and they don’t necessarily see it when it’s not.

And that’s the power of Google+ that a lot of people don’t get.owev

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