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I’m Kevin Carney, Principal Instructor of Inbound Marketing University with today’s Inbound Marketing Minute.

People ask me of all of the 220+ things that can be done for on page SEO, do you need to attend to all of them.

The answer is no.

And which ones are most important?

The (not complete answer) is there are probably 10 things that matter more than anything else, one of which is publish good stuff often. I know that falls outside the boundaries of on page SEO because it’s more than one page, but the fact of the matter is, websites with more pages rank higher.

They can’t be more pages of “junk”, but more pages is good from an SEO perspective.

In terms of on page SEO, you definitely want to focus on the top 10 things, and of them, the top 1 unquestionably is to build good titles.

Where good means attractive to a search engine spider by containing lots of words and phrases that are likely to be searched for, as well as to be an interesting title to a human being.

Strike the right balance with your titles, and you’re halfway there.

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