An image illustrating the creation of data driven content for your audience

What is data-driven content? How is it relevant to your audience?

Data-Driven Content: The New Buzz Phrase

Data-driven content is when you pay close attention to the analytics of what you publish (blog posts, social media updates, etc), learn what people show the most interest in, and use that information to guide what you then publish.

That’s about it.

While it’s a new phrase it’s an old idea, and the idea is valid

This isn’t even the first time we’ve tried to give this old idea a new name.

Remember Agile Marketing? It was a hot topic a few years ago. Doesn’t it seem like Data Driven Content is a new label for Agile Marketing?

While every organization has to try out new ideas to see how they take hold (or don’t), you’ll get the greatest traction from your audience by giving them more of what they want.

What is Data Driven Content?

In the format of a flow chart…..


The Main Idea

The main idea can be summarized as LISTEN -> LEARN -> ADJUST.

The main idea is to pay attention to how people respond to what you publish. For example, below is part of a screenshot of a Google Analytics report (Behavior > Site Content -> All Pages), and it tells you (for a specified timeframe) which pages on your website had the most visitors.

You can, of course, be more granular by creating a view that only reports on visits and views from Organic Search traffic (which would be interesting), but you get the idea.

If you promote content via social media, the social media marketing platform you use provides some form of analytics as well.

If you use email marketing as well, the email marketing platform you use provides its own form of analytics.

In Closing

The key is to pay attention to what you can learn from analytics.

Learn from what you see.

Then adjust your future publishing activities to be more in line with what your audience is showing you they’re interested in.

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