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This is Kevin Carney of Inbound Marketing University with this introduction to Inbound Marketing.

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In this video we are going to discuss: What is Inbound Marketing? And how does it work?

As I need this intro video to be short these will be covered at a very high level.

I will then share with you some success stories and tell you where you can learn more.

So, what is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is marketing as an exercise in journalism.

It has to do with the attraction of visitors to your website via organic search through a very structured and systematic process of generating and publishing content, but also involves converting some of those website visitors into prospects and sales for your business.

How does it work?

This chart is from a study conducted by a company called BrightEdge, who had access to billions of web server transactions, billions of web server page loads.

The question they were trying to answer is… Where does web server traffic come from?

And as you can see 51% of all traffic comes from organic search and 5% of all web server traffic comes from social media websites in aggregate.

It’s all about the attracting of people to your website via organic search and the most important point to understand here is that in order to get the attention a human being; you must first get the attention up the search engine robots.

I will teach you how to do that.

The first time I learned how to do this was for a company that provided remodeling and handyman services.

In a five-month period we experienced a 51 fold increase in organic search traffic, a 30 fold increase in leads from the website, and our close rate doubled.

That last statement, the close rate doubling, makes sense when you consider that these people found us.

They were higher quality prospects by virtue of how we got in touch with them.

This is table from a Google analytics URL goal conversion or goal completion.

This is a client who hired us and in the initial two and a half months they experienced an 1,800% (eighteen hundred percent) increase in organic search visitors. In the first two and a half months.

This is another client and in the initial three-month ramp-up experienced a 5,200% (fifty two hundred percent) increase in organic search visitors.

This is another client who in their first three months experienced a 2,300% (twenty three hundred percent) increase in organic search visitors.

This is a different Google Analytics display, it’s a chart, showing web server traffic over time those initial spike you see at the beginning are when this student (who did the work on her website herself).

Those initial spike are when she was sending messages to her social media connections saying please come take a look at something on my website. And as you can see they did, but over time fewer and fewer came each week because these are interruptions.

Social media updates are interruption. We all lead busy lives and people just came in fewer numbers every week.

Yet you can clearly see when the organic search traffic kicked in.

This is another student, and again you can clearly see when the organic search traffic kicked in.

In summary, this system is replicate-able.

I personally have done it many, many times.

I have taught it to students and they have done it many, many times.

It has the potential to transform your business by providing your business with a steady stream high quality leads.

Multiple people have done it you can do it too.

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