Using Google Analytics for Conversion Optimization

Even though Google Analytics is a free tool, when you setup Conversion Goals in advance, you can glean very useful information from the tool with which to make adjustments to your conversion implementation within your webpages.

The conversion report I find most useful is titled Reverse Goal Path and is found as follows in the Google Analytics menu system:

Conversions -> Goals -> Reverse Goal Path

Please refer to the screenshot below for reference.

Google Analytics Reverse Goal Path
Google Analytics Reverse Goal Path

The red number 1 is where you select this report. The red number 2 is where you can focus on one defined goal at a time.

This website is new and does not yet have significant traffic, but with what little traffic it does have, goal conversions are happening, but there’s a problem.

What I’ve learned is:

  • In the last 30 days, 16 visitors loaded the Contact Us form, and only 1 filled it out.l
  • In the last 30 days, 20 visitors loaded the Success Stories page, and only 1 of those visitors then loaded the Contact Us form.

What does this tell me?

Although this is still a very small number of visitors, it tells me the action I’m asking people to take (on both those pages) is more than most visitors are willing to do.

One of the basic principals of conversion is to guide people through their decision process (through your sales funnel) in steps they are willing to take, and if you ask someone to take a step they are unwilling to take, they won’t take it.

What change must I make?

The action I’m asking people to do in both cases is to contact me. Why people are at this stage unwilling to do that I’m not sure.

Three choices occur to me and I’m not yet sure which one I’ll take, but I will take one in the next week or so, then continue to monitor visitor activity.

Option 1) Ask people to sign up for my weekly newsletter.

Option 2) Ask people to sign up for the free lessons (the first few lessons of IMU are free).

Option 3) Ask people to download my eBook.

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