User Centered SEO: Another Industry Buzzword

The industry that goes by several names already (Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc, etc) is full of new and mostly meaningless buzzwords. New words that convey old ideas.

However some of these silly buzzwords are actually useful.

Agile Marketing: Listen, learn, and adjust QUICKLY.

Thought Leadership SEO: High level analytical posts backed by research with a strong opinion.

User Centered SEO: A third one?

User Centered SEO

A recent article on this topic used a lot of words to convey what is at it’s core a fairly simple concept.

When you publish articles that people find interesting, you will attract an audience.

Everything New is Old Again

Where have I seen this idea played out before? In every type of industry where the main source of revenue is the sale of advertisements.

Their basic business model is:

  1. Attract an audience.
  2. Sell access to that audience to people who want to sell them stuff.

What Makes Inbound Marketing and Fox News Different?

Simple. Fox News is selling advertising.

Within your Inbound Marketing efforts you’re selling whatever it is that you’re selling and you’re selling it directly to your audience.

How do You Grow an Audience?

The same way they do, and by they I mean every form of publication that sells advertising:

  1. TV networks
  2. Radio stations
  3. Magazines
  4. Newspapers
  5. Websites

And that is the topic of my next blog post

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