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Thought Leadership SEO for Growing Your Website Traffic and Audience

What is Thought Leadership SEO?

Maybe a month ago I received a free ticket to an event titled Thought Leadership SEO.

I thought that thought leadership SEO was a new industry buzzword being thrown around like Big Data and Growth Hacking.

It turns out I was wrong.

Thought Leadership SEO is not only a real thing, it’s a good thing.

The presentation was given by Evan Bailyn, the CEO of First Page Sage, an Inbound Marketing agency located in New York City.

How does Thought Leadership SEO differ from SEO?

In one very important way! It adds to the conversation in some way. Many SEO consultants publish a lot of junk, but junk that is properly formatted for good SEO. They publish posts of 300 to 1,200 words, do so at regular intervals, but avoid actually saying anything you didn’t already know.

Thought Leadership SEO is not that.

It is both a prescribed formula for formatting a post (beyond the basics of SEO) where one critical aspect is the main idea or thought, which causes someone to stop and think.

The Format of a Thought Leadership Post

  • Discusses a big picture topic, not details and minutia.
  • Addresses high level people in the industry.
  • Is written in a strong opinionated tone.
  • Research studies are cited.
  • Contains substantial analysis.
  • Supports the main point with stories and personal perspective that evoke an emotional response.

The Main Point

The main point is to have a point, state it, and defend it.

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