Meta descriptions are the "headlines" of the post that shows in the SERP. It needs to say some form of "pick me".

The Importance of Setting Strong SEO Meta Descriptions

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I’m this is Kevin with Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute talks about Meta Descriptions.

You will hear people say that meta descriptions do not matter.

And you will also hear people say that meta descriptions are critically important.

So how can that be?

What’s happening is they’re not talking about the same aspect of the meta description.

People who focus on what it takes to obtain a high search engine ranking in a search engine result page are correct when they say that meta descriptions do not matter.

Meta descriptions do not improve your ranking in the SERP or make your website easier to find.

However when someone is looking at a search engine result page and they’re trying to figure out which website to link through to, meta descriptions are critically important.

So whether meta descriptions don’t matter or are critically important depends on… specifically what it is you’re talking about.

Now I’m of the opinion that being picked over other pages in the SERP is critically important, and therefore meta descriptions are critically important.

The next video will talk about how to create a strong meta description.

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