What is the relationship between publishing and SEO?

The relationship is very direct. All things being equal (which of course they never are):

All of this is achieved by publishing fresh content are regular and frequent intervals.

I’m going to use a case study (or success story) to illustrate my point.

The website of Dr. Michael Greger, whose URL is NutritionFacts.org, although in fairness it’s not wise to consider his website as separate from his YouTube channel. They work together.

Let me first clear up any potential confusion by my stating that Dr. Greger is not one of my students. He is learning how to do this right from someone else.

The first thing you’ll notice about his sites is that that he publishes A LOT and he publishes frequent short videos to his YouTube channel which he then embeds in blog posts on his website.

But the next thing you’ll probably notice is his production quality is adequate, but not great.

Why does this matter?

It appears that on the Internet what you say is much more important than having a polished way to say it.

In a prior post I used Jenna Marbles as an example, but as her business model is selling advertising, while Dr. Greger’s is selling health education, he’s a better example for businesses needing to sell good and/or services.

Let’s start with his results.

Below is an image of his Alexa rank.

Look at what regular publishing can do for your website
Alexa Rank for NutrtionFacts.org











How did he do it?

Simply put, by recognizing that publishing is a huge part of his business. He publishes a short video every other day and has been publishing such videos for 8 years. To date he has published over 1,100 such videos.

He also publishes 2 or 3 blog post articles each week.

Did he start with this rate of publishing? No. He worked up to it over time.

Can you possible mimic the quality and quantity of his publishing?

The fact that Dr. Gerber does not do his own publishing is attested to by his full speaking schedule. With the constant travel and frequent talks he gives (often he gives 2 talks in one day) he clearly does not have time to write his own blog posts and edit his own videos.

If you’ve got bucks, you can hire a team and mimic his quality and quantity. Chances are it took him time to build up to his current publishing schedule.

Like everything in life you start where you start and take it from there

Website ranking done right is like a snowball rolling downhill and growing in size as it goes.

Your job is to maintain forward momentum to bring in enough visitors and leads to meet your business goals. If your goals require an Alexa ranking such as NutritionFacts.org, then as you can you spend lavishly on publishing.

Most small businesses need visitors and leads, but not on such a level.

Now Let’s Talk About RevoleSolar

RevolveSolar is a student of mine and their website now produces a steady steam of leads and those leads provide the greatest ROI (ratio of closed business to cost of generating that business) of all their lead sources.

Below is a graph of their Google Analytics Organic Search from May of 2015 to day (7 months) and you can see the positive effect.

Organic search results for RevolveSolar of Austin, TX
Google Analytics: Organic Search








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