It is very important to capture email addresses on your website and follow up with leads through email marketing or preferably marketing automation.

The Importance of Capturing Email Address on Your Website

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I’m Kevin with Inbound Marketing University.

Today’s Inbound Marketing Minute talks about the importance of capturing email addresses on your website.

Those studies that show things show that what works in terms of converting people you don’t know into paying customers online is the attraction of people to your website through Inbound Marketing and staying in touch with those people through email.

That email is much more effective at converting website visitors into paying customers than social media is.

The way you capture email addresses is to subscribe to any one of a number of different email marketing services such as Constant Contact, MadMimi, MailChimp, etc.

And on the email marketing providers website you create a form that you embed in your website.

You want to put it in strategic places, typically in the blog sidebar where it’s always there, and you want to use it for what’s called gated content.

You have a video that makes a point that people should watch, you have an eBook that people might want to download, and in exchange for access to that content, you capture a name and an email address.

Above, right about there you’ll see something pop out. Click it and it goes to a blog post that shows in some detail how you capture email addresses using an email service provider and a form on your website.

For purposes of this example I’ll be using WordPress and MailChimp, but the ideas are applicable independent of which email marketing service you use, and which…. Well use WordPress, I mean don’t not use WordPress.

That would be silly.

So please take a look at that blog post.

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