Successful Lead Generation through Inbound Marketing

Here is a technically accurate SEO to do list, that unfortunately under emphasizes the single most important piece of this puzzle.

His list contains 37 items. Item 16 is the most important.

What is item 16?

Publish! Often!

Search Signals

If you’ve been monitoring industry news for a while, you’ve come across the phrase “search signal”.

Rumor has it there are 220+ search signals the Google algorithm takes into account when ranking webpages.

What are the most important?

Most Important Search Signals

How many articles are published to your website?

When you site has a lot of pages, your high ranking pages rank higher.

How good are your articles?

There are two aspects to quality. Your posts need to be interesting and useful to humans, but if the search engine bot doesn’t find it first, the humans never will. For that reason, you write for people, but with the knowledge that a search engine robots “likes” posts to be formatted a certain way. When your posts (and overall site) are formatted that way, we say your SEO is good.

How often do you publish new stuff?

The more frequent, the better. Websites that are updated multiple times a day attract greatly more visitors than sites that are updated only daily or even less often.

How long have you been publishing?

It’s not that older sites rank higher, it’s that older sites on which new articles appears constantly ranks higher. An old site with “stale” stories will lose it’s ranking over time.

Who knows you?

As in the real world it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. In the case of websites the measure of who knows you is links to your pages.

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