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The Content on Your Website IS Part of Your Visitors User Experience: Embrace This

Quality Content IS Your Marketing Edge

I have to give kudo’s to Ian Lurie, CEO of Portent, an Internet Marketing Agency in Seattle he started in 1995.

He recently published a post on the Moz Blog titled It’s Time to Treat Content as Part of the User Experience.

This post is a short summary of his main ideas. Please click the link in the preceding paragraph for his full article.

His main points are:

  • Content is what your website visitors interact with, no matter what part of your site they’re on.
  • Content is what brings people to your site in the first place.
  • Content is not a “bolt on” to your website.
  • Your website is nothing but structured content.

When people go online for any activity that includes buying something, they’re looking to do one of three things:

  • To learn something
  • To find something
  • To do something

To the degree that your content helps them do this, your content is “useful” which may not be the highest praise an article, story, or video can have (viral may be the highest praise) but useful is a great quality for the stuff on your website to have if your intention is to sell goods and services.

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