The Biggest Problems with Social Media Marketing

When you pay attention to the hype, you would think social media marketing attracts huge amounts of traffic to your website and generates quality leads.

Recent studies provided case studies of Harley Davidson and Victoria’s Secret and concluded Social Media Marketing has a very poor ROI.

A more recent study concluded that 51% of traffic to all websites comes via organic search, while only 5% comes from social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Why Does Social Media Marketing Deliver Such Poor Results?

The More Connected Your Are, The Less You See

This may be counter-intuitive, but people who have many connections within social media networking sites see very little from each connection.

This helps ensure the person is not overwhelmed with updates, but it means you as a marketer publish an update and it is not seen by most of your followers.

If I remember the number correctly Harley Davidson measured that their updates appeared in the streams of 0.5% of their followers (I’m not sure how they measured this).

This means that to present an update to everyone, they would need to post the same update 200 times and hope people who already saw it didn’t see it again.

Push Marketing is Increasingly Ineffective

If you’re not interested in dog grooming services, seeing an update from a dog grooming service in your Facebook stream is of no interest to you.

This is the same issue with all forms of outbound marketing, yet with social media marketing, you also have the issue of the social media networking site putting a damper on who sees your updates so as not to overwhelm them.

So How Do You Attract and Engage Your Audience?

Via Inbound Marketing, which is based on attracting visitors via organic search.

You also need to learn about link building.

SEO Needs Link Building

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