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The Biggest Lie in Inbound Marketing? Content Sells

A recent head says:

The Biggest Lie In Inbound Marketing

And the post then goes on to say what that biggest lie is. In summary:

  1. It requires hard work and patience.
  2. You must define and build your audience.
  3. You must get great multipliers to help you spread the word.
  4. You must build lasting relationships.
  5. You must create great content.
  6. You must reach out.
  7. You must follow up and analyze.

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My very short assessment is:

  1. Absolutely true.
  2. True.
  3. It helps, but also happens organically over time.
  4. True.
  5. True.
  6. Again, it helps, but it also happens organically over time.
  7. True.

Where the author is totally on target is her assessment that this is not quick and easy. This is work! It takes more than hard work and patience. It takes focus, commitment, dedication, commitment, consistency, and did I say commitment?

You’ve got to want those leads. You’ve got to believe the life of your business depends upon leads (by the way, it does) and you’ve got to believe that what I call Inbound Marketing (which others call Content Marketing or SEO Marketing) will bring you bucket loads of leads, OVER TIME.

Where the author strayed off target is her statement that you MUST get multipliers to help you. While this helps (I recommend businesses working to generate leads through Inbound Marketing group together to help each other), strictly speaking this is NOT inbound. Don’t get me wrong anything that kick starts your Inbound Marketing effort is good, but if for whatever reason this is a challenge for you, don’t let that stop you.

Follow the basic success principals of quantity, quality, consistency, and longevity, and the search engines will do their job and bring your audience to your website.

To summarize what is needed in a fairly long rambling statement:

Success in Inbound Marketing requires generating and publishing a lot of interesting and relevant information, in fairly small bite sized chunks, at frequent intervals, for an extended period of time, AND wrapping that entire effort in your marketing intentions so you implement EFFECTIVE calls to action at the appropriate places on your website.

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