Improving Web Conversions Through Testing

Agile marketing is a term that means: listen, learn, and adjust. Although smart businesses have been doing this for years, today with Inbound Marketing we have an unprecedented ability to glean useful and actionable information through analytics, with which to do valuable testing and make course corrections as needed.

Of course for this to make sense your website needs an adequate level of traffic and conversions. You need a sufficient level of conversions for your testing to make sense.

If your website converts someone at least once a day, preferably more, you have enough conversion for this testing to be meaningful.

If you do not yet have sufficient traffic or conversions, file this topic for future reference and get back to publishing more in order to grow your audience.

How Do You Increase Conversions Through Testing?

By structuring and performing experiments.

You test different Call to Action buttons. You test different headlines for landing pages.

The article I link to above (in the first paragraph) describes testing two different landing page headlines for a website about addiction treatment.

The two headlines were:

  • Addiction Torments Addicts and their Love Ones
  • A Place of New Beginnings

Although it seems intuitive the first sentence is better, is it really?

Yes. Not only is it better, it’s 1.8 times better. The first title converted 1.8 times more often than the second one.

You can (and should) also test not only the wording inside Call to Action buttons, but the placement of those buttons on a page.

These tests do take time and energy, but once you’ve determined what converts better and how much better, your results will be better from that point on and the guesswork is eliminated.

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    3 replies to "Testing with Analytics Increases Web Conversion through Agile Marketing"

    • Alisha Henderson

      Agile Marketing is necessary to get ahead in this competitive world.

      Thanx for sharing this article with us. I was also having business of software testing and I just want to know how to increase the leads. I am getting traffic but not leads. .

      • Kevin Carney


        The “secret” is to define a buyers journey that you think makes sense based on talking with existing clients, creating the content needed to implement the various steps, CTAs to walk someone from step to step, some form of marketing automation to nudge them, then test, test, test, and test some more.

        • Alisha Henderson

          Hi Kevin,

          Thanx for replying.

          I will surely do this and then let you know if I face any problems.

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