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Successful Local SEO to Grow Visibility, Traffic, and Generate High Quality Leads

Successful Local SEO

Local SEO is different from non local SEO.

Within Google Webmasters Tools, you can set a desire for your web pages to be visible “globally” or “locally” where local means one country. In my case, the Google Webmasters Tools idea of “local” means the United States.

If what I’m selling is bathroom remodeling services in the greater San Jose metro area, that’s an awfully big concept of “local”.

So how do you narrow your focus down to a specific set of cities?

Local SEO That Truly is Local

Two ways I know of are discussed below (although there are more than two ways, you have to start somewhere).

Use Location Names in Your Post Titles and Bodies

State, with absolute clarify, where the name (or names) of cities or areas (counties, neighborhoods within large cities, etc) where you provide services.

Use those names in the titles of the posts you publish, as well as mention them in the body of the posts.

Use Google My Business

Google keeps changing the name of this and I’m not sure I remember all the past names. Some were:

  • Google Places
  • Google Business

Now it’s Google My Business and it’s an integration of the prior functions with Google Plus.

Please refer to the screen shot below and notice how Internal Kitchen & Bath has a Google My Business listing, whereas The Solera Group does not. The irony of this is The Solera Group is my other business so this is a classic case of me advising something I myself had not yet done (but am doing now).

To enlarge the image, double click anywhere within the image.

To start setting up your Google My Business listing, click the link below.

Google My Business

Google My Business, Successful SEO

Google My Business

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