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Story Telling through Inbound Marketing for Attracting Visitors and Generating Leads

Successful Inbound Marketing is Good Story Telling

And good story telling must meet two base criteria:

  1. The hero of your story is your customer or prospect, not you.
  2. You must speak to them at an emotional level.

Every product or service has features and benefits. People don’t care.

What matters most is the benefit of the benefit to them.

The benefit might be “increased lead flow“, while the “benefit of the benefit” is a healthier larger business with greater revenues and profits, thought leadership in your industry, and the ability to be of service to a wider audience.

Good Stories Simply Work

Why we love good stories is irrelevant to successful content marketing. That we do is what matters.

When the stories your business publishes work, you attract more people, grow your audience, increase leads, and all that good stuff.

An emotional connection to you, your products, your services, etc sells more of your stuff, and helps turn customers into what are called Brand Ambassadors. People who talk up your products and services to other. People who help you sell.

How do You Learn to Write Good Stories?

By writing bad ones.

It’s that old but relevant jokes:

Kid: Mom, Why do people value your decisions?

Mom: I’ve learned to make good decisions.

Kid: How did you learn to make good decisions?

Mom: Experience, I guess.

Kid: How did you get experience?

Mom: By making bad decisions.

If you have not already started publishing stories to your website that your audience can relate to, now is the time to start.

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