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Steady Traffic and Audience Growth from Regular, Useful, and Sharable Content

Slow and Steady is more Dependable than Viral

How do you grow your website audience? One visitor at a time.

While sometimes a post, or video, or image does “go viral”, this is not a predictable event. An analysis of viral content was performed to see if there are common characteristics of viral content. There are. However, when you produce content that meets those criteria, there is no guarantee it will go viral.

Viral would be nice, but what you can count on is slow and steady growth, through a process of publishing good, useful, and sharable stuff at regular and frequent intervals.

I know this from personal experience, but always delight in finding people who also had this experience and teach the value of publishing and patience.

Darren Rowse of Problogger Blog Tips reports just that in a recent post titled

Did Your Blog Have a Tipping Point? Here’s How My 2 Blogs Grew

For what it’s worth, Problogger Blog Tips did have a tipping point as he did luck out with a viral post early on, but his other website Digital Photography School grew slowly, one post at a time.

Read his interesting story in consistency and persistence by clicking the link above.

And please take this lesson to heart. It’s not just me saying it.

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