Need Funding? Need Traction!

I’ve attended dozens of pitch events and pitch tryouts in Silicon Valley and San Francisco over the past year.

The single most important thing I’ve learned is investors are no longer (at least for now) to fund “the experiment”, where the experiment is you proving that real people will pay real money for your products or services. You must now prove that your idea has traction.

I’ve heard some investors put this very succinctly….

When the experiment was done with investor money, entrepreneurs had no incentive to design the cheapest possible experiment and some blew through massive amounts of investor’s money in the course of showing the market isn’t there.

Now the Cost of The Experiment is on You

Now you need to fund this proof.

As such, you as an entrepreneur are highly motivated to do that experiment as cheaply as possible.

I Have the Answer

It’s called Inbound Marketing when done directly by a member of your early stage startup team, it costs very little money.

Per a Hubspot study, leads from inbound sources cost 61% less than leads from outbound sources and that’s when you use their very expensive toolset.

When you use free tools and put in your sweat equity, you can attract your audience to your website for a very small cash expenditure.

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SEO Needs Link Building


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