A recent article published on a leading search website attempts to identify how much of your marketing budget should be spent on Content Marketing.

They are right that content marketing deserves not only a good look, but also deserves real attention. For long term growth, you should do it within your business.

Content marketing makes it easy for you to be found by people searching the web via search engines, and prospects who find you this way are the highest quality prospects to be found anywhere.

However, there is one important aspect of Content Marketing I fundamentally disagree with.

This is the idea of publishing most content on websites that aren’t yours.

Maybe that works for very large companies with established brands, but for  smaller businesses, you want almost all the content you publish to be on your website, under your URL.

Every time you publish an article anywhere, you help increase the search ranking of the site you publish the article on.

That being the case, when you publish most articles on your website you increase the web ranking of YOUR website.

At most, you should go to other websites and post short introductions with a link back to the article on your website.

Your content, on your website, under your URL, is the king of social media for your business.

SEO Needs Link Building

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