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Small Business SEO Is So Easy, Even I Can Grow My Traffic and Generate Leads

Have You Heard? SEO is a Mysterious Art Understood by Very Few

And By the Way, My Company is Lucky to Have 2 Onboard

The next lines in that script are:

  • No you can not talk to them.
  • No we can not share with you how we do what we do. After all, it’s our competitive edge.

Has any sales rep for an SEO agency had a similar conversion with you? Did you already know they were speaking crap or did you learn the hard way (by spending money with no result)?

The reality is SEO is not a mysterious art understood by very few.

The Secret to SEO is There is No Secret

Anyone can do it.

Maybe not “anyone”, but anyone who regularly uses email can use WordPress and do effective SEO. If you can draft email, save drafts, find them again, continue them, attach files, and embed links to webpages, you’ve got the technical skills needed to use a WordPress website.

With a WordPress website you can change the world. At the very least you can change YOUR world.

Why Do SEO Firms Continue to Make These False Claims?

I believe there are two reasons:

1) The people selling the SEO services don’t know that it’s not a black art. That’s because they sell and other people deliver the service. Those two functions of the company are so disconnected the sales people really don’t know.

2) The people selling the SEO services do know, but they believe you don’t know.

Either way it’s a bad situation for small business owners looking for effective SEO. At best these people waste your time. But if you fall for their sales pitch, they waste your money and delay you from doing what really works.

Small Businesses Can’t Do SEO Themselves!

That statement was made to me yesterday by a salesrep for who seemed sincere in his belief.

His two main points were:

  1. Small businesses simply don’t have the time for anyone to do SEO.
  2. Effective SEO takes 5 full time guys who cost $250K a year each.

I understand he’s a sales guy and was hired by to sell Internet marketing services. I’m sure they put him through some level of training in which they taught him to make those points.

However, by telling you things that aren’t true, they’re not doing YOU any favors.

Small Business CAN Do SEO Themselves

I’ve done it 10 to 12 times. I’ve taught several students how to do it and the ones who did saw results.

It’s not magic. It’s not mysterious.

But it is work!

While anyone can do it, it’s one of those things were you need to either do it or not do it.

However those who do it transform their businesses.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Then talk to us. We’ll show you how.

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